Saturday, April 24, 2010

Riga International Brass Symposium

Last week the JVLMA and Latvian Brass Association hosted the first annual Riga International Brass Symposium.  Featured artists for the week included Swedish tuba player Michael Lind, Danish trombonist Mogens Andresen, Dutch trumpeter Reijer Dorrestein, Swiss horn player Olivier Darbellay, and American trumpeter William Richardson!  Each morning was a 2.5-hour master class, with open lessons and performances in the afternoon and evening.  Here's legendary tuba player and teacher Michael Lind demonstrating breathing exercises on Tuesday, April 13:

Bill's new friend Reijer Dorresteijn taught trumpet lessons and "tag-teamed" for the trumpet master class on April 12th.  Reijer is a super-nice guy and a fantastic player and teacher.
Here is trombone player Mogens Andresen working with Dutch trumpet student and symposium participant Eline Beumer during his master class:
Here is the group of performers for the "Teacher's Recital" on Tuesday, April 14:
From left to right - Olivier Darbellay, Reijer Dorresteijn, pianist Herta Hansena, pianist Lauma Zutere, Janis Retenais, pianist Ieva Dzerve, pianist Ilze Dzerve, and William Richardson.

Here is a video of Bill and Ilze performing Legende by Georges Enescu (click here) at this recital.

Thursday, April 15, featured a concert of brass soloists with the Jazeps Medins Riga Music School Wind Orchestra.  Here's a video of three trumpeters who traveled from the Netherlands (Jordi Lensink, Ruben van Schijndel, and Eline Beumer) performing Leroy Anderson's Buglers Holiday, Andis Karelis conducting (click here).  Olivier Darbellay also played on this concert (click here).

Here is a video clip of Andante et Allegro by J.Guy Ropartz (arranged by David Marlatt) with Janis Retenais conducting (click here).
The Latvian Brass Band

The final concert for the Brass Symposium was on Saturday, April 17, featuring the JVLMA Brass Ensemble and the debut performance of the Latvian Brass Band.  Here is a clip of the brass band performing Diogenes by Jacob de Haan, Andis Karelis conducting (click here).  Bill's friend Edgars Svembergs plays trumpet in the Latvian National Opera and soprano cornet in the LBB (click here).  Bill has played flugelhorn in the brass band since January and was featured on Black Velvet (click here).  We're also "embracing the swing" here in Riga! (click here)

Of course, the party afterward is often an important part of these types of events.  Big fun!  Congratulations to event coordinator Janis Retenais, the JVLMA, and the Latvian Brass Association (website here) for an outstanding week of great brass playing and teaching.  We know that this annual event will continue to amaze and inspire brass players in this corner of the world.  Prieka!